Midtown Automotive Club

: embracing car culture

Type:       Design Competition Entry
Details:   Combo Competitions “Poor But Beautiful”; Morpholio “Pin-Up” 2014 - Honorable Mention
               In collaboration with Lane Raffaldini Rubin
Date:      January - March 2014

          The Hudson Yards redevelopment plan envisions a “transit-oriented” urban district but makes few significant provisions for car transit and passengers. Given the task of combining 250 parking spaces with additional programming, the Midtown Automotive Club seeks therefore to establish an automotive ‘manhattanism’ for metropolitan motorists in which multiple interrelated programs that rely on the car are concentrated to create an unprecedented, condensed automotive world. This culture of automotive congestion is achieved through the aggregation and vertical succession of numerous functions. Ramps serve as critical spatial devices by topologically linking programmatic zones through vertical as well as oblique and planimetric circulation. The Midtown Automotive Club celebrates the often banal and begrudged relationship of the car and the city, embracing its complexity and vitality.